About Us


Every third Wednesday of the month 8:00 PM. It’s your Club, Attend and let your ideas and opinions be known.


Open to the public every Tuesday night and on special events. Starts 7:00 PM. No shooting after 11:00 PM.


Usually the last Saturday in August. Food, fun and games for all ages.


For Children up to 10 years old. Santa will be there with snacks and gifts


Must be supervised at ALL times. They are not permitted to roam or play on any of the ranges, especially on the top of the backstop of the new pistol range.


Immediate family members (spouses & children age 20 & under) may come and shoot with the supervision of the member with no visitor’s fee. Members must be on the range while “guests” are shooting and guests need to pay a $7.00 fee per guest before entering the range. If the Clubhouse is not open you are asked to get a pass the day before or the Range Officer may collect it. The Board of Directors request that anyone who has been a guest three times – join the Club. It’s not fair to other members that these guests continue to use the facilities without helping maintain the facilities. . At no time can members loan Club keys to anyone. If the Board of Directors is notified of any violation to any of the Club and Range Rules you WILL BE disciplined or permanently suspended. SAFETY IS ALWAYS OUR FIRST CONSIDERATION.


Range Officers have the authority to make safety suggestions to ALL members. If a member is found to have violated any rules the Range Officer may write up the violation and the Board of Officers will take disciplinary action. The Range Officers may close the range without notice.


IMPORTANT!! ALL DUES ARE GOOD ONLY THROUGH JUNE 30TH. The next year’s dues must be paid before June 30th in order to avoid a penalty. Any dues paid between July 1st and July 31st is subject to a late payment penalty. After July 31st, you must apply for a new membership, which if approved, will include one year’s dues as well as the initiation fee. Continuity of membership will be lost. Invoices are not sent. You must come in and pay at the bar. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS